Trainee Teacher – Secondary Social Science | Manchester Nexus SCITT

Trainee Teacher – Secondary Social Science

Lucy Kennedy – Secondary Social Science trainee

I chose to complete my teacher training at Manchester Nexus due to the programme being school-centred and i’m so glad I did. Straight away I was welcomed in and made to feel apart of the school community and I was able to see what life as a teacher is truly like. This helped ease my nerves and I’m under no pressure to immediately start teaching. Both my subject mentor and the form tutor I am working with are allowing me to work at my own pace.

What made Manchester Nexus stand out from other school centred programmes for me, is their values and their consideration for the local community. I wanted to become a teacher of Social Sciences to encourage all children, regardless of their background, to reach their educational potential by opening their minds to new ideas and interpretations. The values and ethos of Manchester Nexus means that I will be provided with the opportunities to develop the necessary skills needed to become the best teacher I can be so that I can create an equal and enjoyable education for all my students.