Teacher Testimonial – Primary

Sarah Roberts – Primary

Taking the plunge into teacher training was easily the best career decision I have made! Every day is completely different, you get challenged in ways you never thought possible, you laugh more than you thought possible, and there’s no better feeling than coming home after a busy day knowing you’ve made a difference to a child’s life – even if it’s small! For me, teaching is the career that doesn’t feel like ‘work’, and that’s the best of all!

Teacher Testimonial – Why I teach? and Lightbulb Moments as a trainee teacher

Rachel Hall, Secondary – Mathematics

Lightbulb Moment

The lightbulb moment is one of my favourite things. It makes any stressful lessons or stressful evening planning or worrying all worth it!

The moment they get something and seeing their happiness and eagerness to carry on and work on the next thing just makes me smile and it makes everything worth it.

Why I teach?

Why I am training to teach, is to help provide the variety of opportunities to all young people and help guide them to where they want to be. Being part of the generation who teaches the next generation and passes on this knowledge is vital and rewarding. It gives me a sense of achievement when the young people achieve!

Training to teach with Manchester Nexus is a fantastic opportunity to get a real sense of what school life is, as you train in a school from day 1. You get to experience the start of the year and the end of the year, so you can see how the school sets out their expectations and how they finish and celebrate a successful school. This is important for in understanding what the school expects from you and therefore sets out what your expectations are for your students, as well as being able to see the success that has been achieved from all the hard work which started on day 1.  Being part of a SCITT, means you get all the support you need from a variety of people and get experience from a wide range of activities and people. Joining NEXUS will give you many more opportunities to explore your passion or even find a new passion which is encouraged.

Teacher Testimonial – Why I teach? and Lightbulb Moments as a trainee teacher


Charlotte Blackhurst – current Nexus Primary trainee.

Lightbulb moment

I have been working this week on a focus group of children who are struggling in maths. One child, who has recently moved from Asia, sits next to me. He struggles a lot but tries so hard. This week we have been drawing number lines for addition. Throughout the week I have seen such progress with him, both on paper but also by the massive grin he has on his face when he gets the answer correct. His transformation in one week is amazing, and the fact that I can make that difference is really rewarding.

Why I teach?

I teach because as cliché as it sounds, I wanted to make a difference every day to the lives of others.

Trainee testimonial

The Nexus SCITT really suited me as a training programme whereby I can learn hands-on. I have had a very positive experience so far; the team is friendly, and my classes are very informative. I am learning so much every day and cannot wait to apply this learning to the classroom.

Teacher Testimonial – Why I teach?

Alicia McMorrow – Secondary – Religious Studies

Why I teach?

I want to teach because of my passion for broadening young people’s minds. Religious Studies is a subject that can tackle the big questions in life and to be a part of a young person learning to challenge their point of view and engage in dialogue with others and equip themselves with critical thinking skills is a powerful, privileged and rewarding role.


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