Kat Henshall | Manchester Nexus SCITT

Current Early Years Teacher – Charlotte Quinn – Secondary Mathematics




As I approach the end of my first year as a qualified teacher, I am beginning to reflect on the highlights and challenges of a year in teaching like no other. As schools were reopened in September, I was excited to get back into the classroom, but also apprehensive about how I was going to take on the responsibility of my own classes under such unusual circumstances; especially because there were disruptions to the end of my training year. This apprehension was eased immediately as I returned to school because of the support of my department, Nexus and the ECF programme.

As Oldham is one of the pilot areas, I have been following the ECF programme before it is introduced nationally in September 2021. I have found it useful to have the allotted time and self-study sessions to keep my targets for development focused, as well as continuing my professional development and pedagogical reading. I also have a dedicated ECT Mentor and an incredible department who have been so supportive – not only in terms of my professional development but also in helping me learn to manage the workload efficiently.

I have also had continued support from Manchester Nexus as I have transitioned from a trainee to a qualified teacher. We continue to receive support regularly through training sessions for first year teachers. These sessions look at different aspects of teaching that become more important as you take on more responsibility as an ECT. Having theses training sessions has been a great way to not only continue our professional development and understanding but also (virtually) get together with fellow trainees from the 19-20 Cohort.

I feel like the different obstacles and limitations put in front of us this year have enhanced my development within the teaching profession – I have had to be adaptable to whatever is thrown our way and the support I have in place allowed me to continue to progress within my teaching career.


Current Trainee Teacher – Hafeez Rehman – Secondary Biology








I wanted to become a teacher whilst I was completing my degree in Biology. During my final year at University I was looking to get some experience at a school so I could support my application for teacher training. That is when I came across the Manchester Nexus SCITT website and booked myself onto a taster day. I was very impressed with the core values expressed on the day and the fact that I could be in a school at the very start of the academic year was exactly what I wanted. I knew then that I wanted to train with Manchester Nexus SCITT.

Despite the challenging circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, I felt really supported by the SCITT team, even before I started my first placement in September. When I arrived at my first placement, I was welcomed as a member of staff, I enjoyed being able to be getting involved in lessons at a pace that was suitable for me. The contrasting placement has definitely helped with improving my teaching practice. I am forever grateful for both Science departments for their advice. The professional and subject mentors were very helpful and have been key for my progress as a teacher.

Being able to share my knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion for Science to help improve the life chances of my students was the reason I became a teacher. I have been able to do that during my experience with the SCITT. I am so glad that I made the decision to train with Manchester Nexus after that taster day. I love being immersed in the school environment and the network of other trainees has been fantastic. They have definitely helped me become the best teacher that I could possibly be.