About Manchester Nexus SCITT | Manchester Nexus SCITT

The Manchester Nexus Initial Teacher Training programme is based upon five coherent strands:

Immersive School-Based Training

You will have the privilege to be based in two contrasting partner schools where you will learn on the job, learning every day from the experts around you. You will meet formally every week with your mentor who will provide support and guidance, setting individualised targets so you know how to progress and achieve Qualified Teacher Status. You will be treated as an individual and will not be asked to begin teaching until you are ready. Your timetable will gradually build throughout the year so that you will flourish as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs). Because you will spend the majority of your time in school, you will experience many of the things other trainees will only experience in their NQT year; so you will be ahead of the game when it comes to securing a job.

Professional Studies Training

These fortnightly sessions will enable you to understand what is required to become an excellent teacher and you will receive instruction and strategies from some of the best practitioners. During these group sessions, you will also learn from, and collaborate with the rest of your cohort meaning you will both inspire, and be inspired by, the excellent teachers of tomorrow.

Subject Knowledge for Teaching Programme

As well as the subject based training that you will receive by working very closely with your mentors and subject specialists in your schools, you will undergo a comprehensive subject knowledge for teaching programme which will reflect your individual needs and subject area. This will equip you with the skills and knowledge which will enable you to continue to confidently develop your subject knowledge throughout your career.

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education

We know the best teachers who make the most impact on their pupils are those who use evidence to inform their practice. During your university sessions, you will gain expert tuition from university tutors who will ensure you understand the skills and strategies needed to be effective, evidenced-informed, reflective practitioners. You will produce two Masters Level assignments, one of which is an action research project, which will enable you to gain your PGCE; the sixty Masters Level credits are portable should you decide to do further M Level study.

Enhancements and Enrichment

Our comprehensive programme ensures that you have a broad range of experience which will enable you to develop a varied repertoire of strategies so you feel confident to teach in any school when you qualify. As well as the contrasting school experience, where you will teach for a term in different school context, you will also gain experience in different age ranges. This will ensure that you understand the age-related expectations of pupils before and after they join the age range you are qualifying to teach in. It is also possible to gain enhanced experiences in special and alternative education settings and different subject areas which will help to improve your knowledge and skills base, therefore increasing your employability.