The Manchester Nexus SCITT has developed through the Northern Teaching School Alliance with the Outstanding Blue Coat School as the Lead School. The Cranmer Education Trust is the Accredited Provider for ITE and has established a quality assured training model for ITE for Primary and Secondary phases. All the schools within Manchester Nexus have experience in ITE and are active in school-led system improvement.

The Cranmer Education Trust began recruiting to School Direct since 2012 and has seen the impact that ‘growing our own’ has had on the Alliance of schools and the progress of our students. This is reflected in both the quality of appointments in our schools and the impact on the professional development of all our staff (teaching and non-teaching) in establishing a quality-assured model for ITE. Teaching staff and leaders across the partnership of schools have been directly involved in developing bespoke training programmes, systems and processes for ITE relevant to our contexts.  School-led ITE is now the preferred method of teacher training across our partner schools because it allows us to directly recruit and train high quality candidates, and grow and retain future leaders across the workforce. Collective school involvement in school-led ITE has established close and meaningful working relationships across the partnership of schools. The schools have collaborated together to design training packages relevant to the demands of the education system today.

Establishing the Manchester Nexus SCITT has allowed us to build on these high quality collaborative strategies and make them an integral part of the SCITT offer.  For those that train with the SCITT there is the free offer of the NQT programme. Trainees that also stay employed in the partnership or locality will also  have the opportunity to engage with our RQT and Middle Leadership development opportunities.

What is a SCITT?

SCITT stands for School Centred Initial Teacher Training.

Training with Manchester Nexus gives you the opportunity to learn ‘on the job’ as you work and train in schools. You will benefit from working and learning every day in a school and getting an immediate hands-on insight into what teaching involves.

An immersive learning experience.

The Manchester Nexus SCITT course lasts for one year.

Trainees graduate with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate certificate in education (PGCE).

You will receive lots of intensive support and training from experienced teachers and mentors right from the start, and throughout your course. The schools you are with will not ask you to teach classes unsupported until you both think you are ready.

School-led courses have very high rates of employment and trainee satisfaction as no other training route offers as much school based experience. You learn from current practising teachers, in schools, so you develop skills and knowledge more quickly.

We are located in the North West, between Manchester and the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. There is more to North Manchester than you think…

Youthful, diverse, energetic and bursting with character; Manchester is one of the most exciting places to visit in the UK right now where everybody and anybody is very warmly welcomed.

Known throughout the world as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Manchester has a proud history in science, politics, music, arts and sport. And today the city combines this heritage with a progressive vision to be a city that delivers surprise and delight in equal measures.

Manchester is jam-packed with unique and eclectic restaurants, bars, shops, museums, galleries and hotels whilst the surrounding Greater Manchester boroughs offer a patch-work of visitor experiences including quaint market towns, traditional pubs and beautiful green spaces and waterways to be explored on foot or bike.

Furthermore, a packed calendar of world-class events and festivals – from the landmark Manchester International Festival to the enchanting Manchester Christmas Markets – mean there’s always another reason to visit Manchester.

North Manchester is rightfully known as a centre for further education and teacher training.

Why would you want to train anywhere else?


Allison Ash – Director of Teaching School – SCITT Director

I am Deputy Head with the strategic responsibility for the SCITT and Curriculum at Blue Coat School. I work across the partnership of schools to support all aspects of Initial Teacher Education to Continued Professional and Leadership Development and oversee all aspects of quality and training.

Kat Henshall – Recruitment and Marketing Lead for Manchester Nexus

I am a Social Science teacher, specializing in Psychology and Health and Social Care.
Throughout my seven years at Blue Coat I have gained experience of delivering training and mentoring with NQTs and trainee teachers, as well coaching staff in their practice as mentors.
I have previously held the position of ITE Lead for Manchester Nexus, which has involved delivering Professional Studies sessions to the cohort of trainees and delivering training to mentors from across providers. I have previously held the role of professional mentor at Blue Coat and I have also supported in the quality assurance process across the partnership of schools.
In my current role I oversee the marketing and recruitment process for primary and secondary trainees, including promoting, interviewing and keeping in touch with successful candidates.

Beverley Harper – Finance Officer

I am Principal Finance Officer of the Cranmer Education Trust Multi Academy Trust and have been the Business Manager responsible for the finances of the Teaching School and ITE for 3 years.

I am a Chartered Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser with 30 years experience in the accountancy profession having moved to the education sector 3 years ago.

Cheryl Haigh – Deputy Head Teacher – ITE Lead (Primary)

I manage the operational day-to- day running of the SCITT primary programme.

I am the Deputy Headteacher of a Church of England Primary School and also the ITE Lead for Primary for the Manchester Nexus SCITT. I work in partnership with other primary schools to ensure we offer the best possible training opportunities for our students.

I have been teaching for 17 years and have had experience in teaching children in key stage one and two. Throughout my teaching career I have led on most curriculum areas including assessment and Special Educational Needs. I have also successfully mentored and coached a number of students through ITE.

Lindsey Howard – SCITT Administrator

Prior to working at The Blue Coat School, I was Club & Company Secretary at FC United of Manchester

I performed this role for 10 years and watched the club grow and build its own ground. During my time at the club I studied for a CIPD level 3 in Human Resource Practice which started my pathway into HR.

In my current role of SCITT Administrator, I deal with recruitment requests, process applications and support the recruitment lead in managing the UCAS application process.

Catherine Woodward – Trainee and NQT Link Tutor – Professional Mentor at The Blue Coat School

I have been working as a languages teacher for thirteen years and have gained experience mentoring, supporting and developing trainee teachers and NQTs. I have worked with universities, interviewing and recruiting new trainee teachers. At The Blue Coat School I have been a subject mentor in the MFL department. I am now the Professional Mentor at The Blue Coat School.

My current role is to support trainees from the point of offer on the course into their NQT year. I support the delivery of the Teaching School’s NQT programme and ensure all trainees get relevant support once they have secured a job. I also aim to offer guidance and direction in professional development and leadership provision as our trainees and NQTs progress throughout their teaching career.

Alison Moverley – Assistant Headteacher – Course Lead and Quality Assurance Lead for Manchester Nexus SCITT

Having taken up post in June 2018, I lead, manage and quality assure the training provision for Nexus trainee teachers across the 5 strands, and ensure our trainees enjoy a rich, relevant, professional, research-informed and practitioner-led programme which will develop them as informed, skilled and reflective practitioners.

I have been a languages teacher for the last 14 years, working in a variety of school across Greater Manchester. I have always been passionate about teacher training and quality provision. Prior to my time in education, I worked in industry, both in the UK and abroad.

Adelle Greenwood – Quality Assurance Support Manchester Nexus (based at North Chadderton School)

I am the Director of Post-16 Education and Wider Partnerships at North Chadderton School which involves the leadership and management of all aspects of Key Stage 5 Education as well as the strategic lead for all partnership working. I also provide Quality Assurance Support for Manchester Nexus which involves working with other Secondary Schools to ensure we offer the very best training opportunities for our students.

During my professional career, I have gained a wealth of experience of working closely with trainee teachers, NQTs and RQTs. I currently lead and oversee the programme of continued professional development for all new staff, ITTs, NQTs and RQTs at North Chadderton.


Manchester Nexus SCITT works with a wide range of partner schools across the region, offering our trainees some of the best and most varied school experience on offer.


Blue Coat School, Oldham . Crompton House School, Shaw . Hathershaw School, Oldham . Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale . King James’s School, Huddersfield . Marple Hall School, Stockport

Newman College, Oldham . Oldham Academy North, Oldham . Saddleworth School, Oldham . Wardle Academy, Rochdale . Oldham Sixth Form College, Oldham . North Chadderton School, Oldham


Christ Church of England School, Oldham. East Crompton St. George’s Primary, Oldham. Hodge Clough Primary, Oldham. Mayfield Primary, Oldham. St James’ Primary School, Rochdale. Greenhill Academy, Glodwick
Northmoor Academy, Coldhurst. Richmond Academy, Coldhurst. Westwood Academy, Coldhurst. Alt Academy, Alt. Stanley Road Community Primary School, Oldham. Limehurst Primary School, Oldham. Lyndhurst Primary School, Oldham.
Coppice Primary Academy, Oldham. Roundthorn Primary Academy, Oldham. Freehold Community Primary School, Oldham.

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Blue Coat School, Oldham: 53.546079, -2.108027
Hollingworth Academy, Rochdale: 53.609251, -2.102807
King James School, Huddersfield: 53.630260, -1.741747
Marple Hall School, Stockport: 53.398176, -2.088330
Hathershaw School, Oldham: 53.522473, -2.111878
Oldham Academy North, Oldham: 53.544917, -2.120536
Saddleworth School, Oldham: 53.551839, -2.003569
Wardle Academy, Rochdale: 53.641995, -2.127878
Crompton House School, Oldham: 53.581627, -2.109512
Christ Church of England School, Oldham: 53.537788, -2.145838
Hodge Clough Primary, Oldham: 53.562301, -2.077335
Mayfield Primary, Oldham: 53.551257, -2.093461
East Crompton St. George’s Primary, Oldham: 53.584490, -2.085586
St James’ Primary School, Rochdale: 53.648378, -2.131863
Oldham Sixth Form College: 53.538647, -2.118547
Newman College, Oldham: 53.537980, -2.152473
Greenhill Academy, Glodwick: 53.536864, -2.107301
Northmoor Academy, Coldhurst: 53.544531, -2.121589
Richmond Academy, Coldhurst: 53.541290, -2.125315
Westwood Academy, Coldhurst: 53.541290, -2.125315
Alt Academy, Alt: 53.527090, -2.082390
Stanley Road Community Primary School, Oldham: 53.529354, -2.140142
North Chadderton School, Oldham: 53.540500, -2.118300
Limehurst Primary School, Oldham: 53.529354, -2.140142
Limehurst Primary School, Oldham: 53.529354, -2.140142
Lyndhurst Primary School: 53.523751, -2.125398
Coppice Primary Academy: 53.531584, -2.120004
Roundthorn Primary Academy: 53.532407, -2.085857
Freehold Community Primary School: 53.536405, -2.136959

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